By Allen White & Michael Snyder
WGAw Registered

Format: Feature Film or TV pilot
Target audience: Adults 18-35
Shorthand: Supernatural meets Paranormal Activity
Logline: The host of a supernatural reality-TV show fights a raging demonic spirit that murders its way across New Orleans.

AccursedAccursed blends horror and mysticism, and takes us behind-the-scenes of a paranormal reality TV show where we are thrown into the dark world of a charismatic but arrogant television personality and expert on the occult as he tries to keep his career on track while battling a shocking adversary.

J.B. DUPRÉ returns to his native New Orleans to shoot a new paranormal investigation show, unaware that a voodoo curse from his past has unleashed a terrifying, ancient evil. Now, he, his producer/wife, and their crew are in mortal danger from uncontrollable forces that lurk in the murky corners of the Big Easy, as the smoldering wake of Dupré’s checkered past returns in the form of both spiritual warfare and personal bloody vengeance.

The location is exotic, but the threats are real: madmen, voodoo magicians, and innocent victims become vessels for otherworldly malevolence. Even Dupré’s wife and mother are at risk as a diabolic entity enacts its deadly agenda while the TV cameras roll. Can Dupré and his colleagues survive to shoot another episode of their series, or will they lose their very lives in pursuit of ratings?

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