By Michael Snyder, Mike Olson,
and Mona Darling
WGAw Registered

Format: Half-hour single-camera TV comedy series
Target audience: Adults 18-35
Shorthand: Modern Family meets Fifty Shades of Grey
Logline: A professional dominatrix must juggle her unusual, modern career with the demands of raising a family.

When she and her family are confronted by a financial setback, a suburban housewife and mother must return to her old career as a dominatrix – with comedic consequences.

Mona 1In a cozy Northern California suburb, a diligent, caring mother, her genial tech-exec husband and their bright, adorable 6-year-old son have lived the sweet life. But when the kid starts 1st Grade, mom KATRINA finds she has a little too much time on her hands. Then husband SEAN loses a high-paying gig in a harsh economy, so it’s agreed that Katrina should return to the career she had (and loved) before the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood. With most of Mom’s day free while Dad works in his home office, Katrina pulls on the latex and leather, breaks out the whips and handcuffs, and resumes her career as professional domme SCARLETT BURNS.

Considering the pristine, wholesome nature of their neighborhood and their desire to have their kid live a conventional life, Katrina and Sean decide that her move back into her previous vocation only makes sense if they can keep it on the down-low and shield the little one from these adult (albeit consensual and lucrative) activities. So Katrina reaches out to old colleagues in nearby San Francisco, and reopens for business in the daytime. It’s invigorating for her to return to BDSM – a world where she is totally in control – as opposed to domesticity where she must put her family’s needs first. But sometimes, especially with long-term clients, she has no alternative but to use the attic of their suburban home as a makeshift dungeon.

Little does Katrina realize how her two lives will invariably start to overlap, leading to bizarre and hilarious complications, emotional epiphanies, relationship drama, and a reassessment of the concept of “normal” – especially after her son announces that he believes he is actually a girl.

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