Pitch Assets

Welcome to our pitch assets page. Here you’ll find material for various projects, including documents and video. This page is hidden, and requires the password we gave you to access any downloads. While all material is WGAw registered, please use discretion when sharing any materials with colleagues. Nothing posted here is for public distribution.

Accursed A reality-show TV host must must deal with a raging demonic spirit that has murdered its way across New Orleans. Treatment Teaser
Feature screenplay
The Barry & Ro Show 30 Rock meets The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. One-sheet pitch The full short film
Show bible
Pilot script
Mominatrix Modern Family meets Fifty Shades of Grey. One-sheet pitch Teaser
Show bible
Pilot script
Polly Morphous Dora the Explorer meets Ben 10. Show bible
Pilot script
Tommy & the Toy Squad  Tarzan… of the Robots. One-sheet pitch
Project bible  Teaser
Feature script

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