Polly Morphous

By Allen White & Michael Snyder
WGAw Registered

Format: Animated half-hour adventure/education series
Target audience: Ages 6-12, with potential crossover appeal to older viewers
Shorthand: Dora the Explorer meets Ben 10.
Logline: A young girl given the power to transform into anything embarks on adventures that require her just-learned scientific knowledge to resolve.

POLLY MING is a nine-year-old Asian-American girl with a loving single mother, a trio of best friends, a keen sense of curiosity, and a boundless imagination. But never in her wildest reveries can Polly conceive how her life will change when she receives a most amazing gift – the MORPHER, a device in bracelet form that gives her the ability to transform into anything she can envision… animal, vegetable or mineral.

Polly Morphous

Using the Morpher, a powerful matter transmogrifier, Polly can solve problems at home, at school and in the playground by becoming creatures or objects that give her the needed perspective or ability. The Morpher is a gift from a mysterious benefactor who hopes that Polly will use the device to expand her mind and make the world a better place. The Morpher’s interface is a holographic ferret named FIONA – the playful representation of the bracelet’s artificial intelligence. Once transformed, Polly maintains her normal human consciousness. Guided by Fiona, Polly learns enough scientific information to successfully explore new environments, yet must solve problems and survive adventures instigated by her new, temporary shape. She’s assisted by her loyal friends, three smart and creative kids. Her mother, a vet, is also a source of useful facts and inspiration.

Her transformations have a time limit, and Fiona always warns of Polly’s impending return to human form. This time limit results in some awkward situations when Polly suddenly appears where she shouldn’t, often requiring creative explanations on her part.

Polly’s capers can be fun, weird – even dangerous. But her astonishing experiences give her new knowledge of the world around her, and she always uses her brain to triumph.

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