The Barry & Ro Show


The Short
B&R 1
Married TV stars Barry and Ro shoot a promo for the second season of their early 1970s variety show as their relationship visibly starts to fray.

Our short is in the midst of a wildly successful film festival tour, and has proved to be an audience favorite across the United States.

Written by: Mike Olson and Michael Snyder
Directed by: Jordan Liebowitz
Film Festivals

The Barry & Ro Show

2015 2016
  • L.A. Indie Film Festival
  • L.A. Comedy Festival
  • Miami Short Film Festival
  • Indie Memphis
  • Flyway Film Festival
  • Malibu Film Festival
  • Long Beach Intl. Film Festival
  • Pasadena Intl. Film Festival
  • Sun Valley Film Festival
  • Richmond Intl. Film Festival
  • Maryland Intl. Film Festival
  • Athens Film & Video Festival
The Cast
Jeff Richards

Jeff Richards
(Saturday Night Live, MAD TV)

Earl Skakel

Earl Skakel
(The Jellies, The Real Rob)

Whitney Rice
Whitney Rice
(Tiny Tiny Talk Show, Laid in America)
John Murray
John Murray
(Scrooged, Moving Violations)
The Series
Go behind-the-scenes in the swingin’ 1970s with America’s favorite show-business couple — self-absorbed comedian Barry Hopkins and his ambitious young wife, singer/actress Ro — as they navigate professional victories and emotional pratfalls while trying to keep their hit TV variety series on top and their marriage intact.
12-Gauge & Crew
Sun Valley Film Fest 2016: Short Films – Murder, Feminism, and 70’s Variety Shows
Popoptiq:  March 9, 2016
By Claire Hellar
The Barry & Ro Show | 5 min, USA
“This hilariously cutting send-up of 70’s variety shows was easily one of the most compelling short films of SVFF’s 2016 lineup. Jeff Richards of Saturday Night Live and Whitney Rice of Roast Battle are the married, at-odds co-hosts of a 1970’s TV show. Fizzing with energy and wit, this does the near-impossible and one minute into a short makes the viewer forget entirely the active action of watching a film, instead immersing the viewer completely. Barry and Ro of The Barry & Ro Show make a series of increasingly abortive attempts to shoot a promo together, and turn on each other. A gem.”

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